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The following notes are a collection of comments from fellow travelers posted on the Lonely Planet ThornTree and/or sent to me (Everbrite/Ruth) privately. If you find errors or have information about consulates not mentioned here, I would appreciate hearing about it. Please post this information on the Eastern European branch of the Thorn Tree or send me (everbrite) a PM (private message). Thanks for your assistance.

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Tajikistan (Dushanbe) 
Report from summer 2010 in Tajikistan:

- Polish passport couple, with only a 30-day Tourist visa for Tajikistan, obtained 30-day Russia Tourist Visa, on same day, for USD 90 (and yes, they submitted Visa Support)

- i (Canadian passport, 30-day Tajik Tourist visa) went and they told me yes, i could get 30-day Russia Tourist Visa by submitting Visa Support and 5,000 Tajik Som .... i think they meant 500 Tajik Som which is approx USD 113.00 which might be correct. But they did not respond to my emails and i decided not to get the visa support as perhaps they may not issue the visa (thus a waste of money on the visa support) and i wanted flexibility on travel dates ... i didn't want to lock-in my route and dates. I may go for this in a few months time in Tajik if i get the Iran visa i will travel across southern Central Asia and go to Tajik again.

I tried the argument that i'm a Bermuda resident (7+ years now) and there is no Russia embassy in Bermuda ... so, what am i supposed to do? fly to Canada just to get a visa? or Fed Ex my info ? Come on, there should be some other sort of rule in such circumstances ... but then again, that's the former USSR countries....

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Reportedly the consulate in Bangkok requires original documents, but someone presented their faxed documents, and the consular official said they were acceptable.
Location: 78 Sap Road (entrance from Soi Santiphap), Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel: +66 (2) 234 20 12
Telex: (86) 21947
Fax: +66 (2) 237 84 88
Website: RU Embassy in Kingdom of Thailand
Office Hours (for visitors): 09.00-12.00 (Monday-Friday)

Reports from 2009:
NOTE: There are now mulitple reports that only Thai passport holders or those with Thai residents permits can obtain Russian tourist visas in Bangkok.

Report 1 (May 2009):
Just an update on the Russian visa situ. I went to the Russian embassy in Bangkok, when I asked for the application for Americans the woman at the desk kind of frowned and didn't know what to do. She went to get a man (who I think might have been the Consul himself). He refused to even give me an application let alone let me fill it out. He stipulated that there were orders from Moscow and the 90 day rule was in place. He was quite rude and nasty and raised his voice alot.

Report 2 (May 2009):
Just came from Russian Consulate in Bangkok.

They will only issue a Russian visa for people who have :

1) work permit for thailand
2)Certificate of Residence of Thailand
3) 90 days non-immigrant visa ( I guess this is a tourist visa they refer to).
They dont require original documents for the invitation letter.

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Report from May 2008 regarding three month business visa:
i am glad to let you know that we got the russian business visa (3 months, double entry) in bangkok last week. we got the letter of invitation for the visa from an internet agent.(

we did not face any problem. we have heard, that the embassador is only handing out visas to non thais in bangkok if it is a business visa. (i think normal tourist visas are harder to get in bangkok)

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Report from March 2008
Russian visa in Bangkok Just for the record....I am Canadian, and just got my Russian visa in Bangkok. I got my invitation from and the embassy accepted a printout of the email. Aside from that it took the application, one photo, and $75 which worked out to 2351 Baht (I think the fee depends on nationality). I am certainly not a resident of Thailand, and no one ever asked me about it so that doesn't seem to be a requirement here. Processing was one week, but you can pay $40 extra for 3-5 days, $60 for next day, and $100 for same day. This was surprisingly easy after all I'd read on here about people having trouble! I hope this helps some of you, and feel free to ask if you have any more questions!

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Report from April 2007:
I don't know why you're going to Cambodia, but I got my visa to Russia in downtown Bangkok, at the Russian embassy near Patpong, off of Suriwong, behind the Palace Hotel, I believe it was. They want up to a week to process it and charge US$60 more to give you 24 hour turnaround.

The people on other forums said it was extremely difficult for me (esp. since I'm American citizen) to get the visa, but it was easy. First, though, I got the 'invitation' which cost about $30 on the internet.

Address: 78 Sap Road, Bangkok, 10500 Thailand
Tel: (662) 234-2012
Fax: (662) 268-1166

Report from May 2005:
VISA-Arrangements in Bangkok
Mongolia: Got my visa in 1 working day. They charged 1.300 Bath for a tourist Visa. No problems!

Russia: I got my invitation via visatorussia (30 US Dollars...). The embassy accepted an email printout, needs 1 photo and 2.400 Bath for issuing. It takes 6 working days. You can get it earlier:
same day 100 US extra
3-5 days: 40 US extra

NOTE from REI: this person has a German passport. Generally, German passport holders have trouble getting Russian visas outside of Germany and are required to show proof of travelers insurance approved by the Russian government in order to get any visas.

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Tunisia (Tunis) 
Visas here are quick and cheap. This is a good option for those living in Russia long-term, but needing to leave to get a new visa, as there are cheap package deals to Tunisia from Moscow. It's not as cheap as the Baltic states, but on the other hand it was much more pleasant in winter. One traveler reported that "for a single entry business (3 month) visa, it cost $70 (less than in the US!), plus another $48 to do it while I waited - but this was all in Tunisian dinars, the only currency they would accept. Obviously it would be more for a multi-entry - I only know that it would have been $140 for a double entry, the same as 2 single entries.
Address: Rue Bergamotte
Tel.: 71 (Tunis code, not necessary if dialing in the city) 882 757
Hours: Tues, Wed, Fri 9 - 11 AM
So while their hours are a bit limited, it's cheap and easy, and the people are quite nice (a contrast with some other consulates I've dealt with ... )"

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Turkey (Istanbul) 
I have done several searches for a web page for the embassy/consulate in Istanbul and finally found one, but there is no English, only Russian and Turkish.
Consulate General of the Russian Federation
Location: Istiklal Caddesi 443, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90 (212) 292 51 01, 292 51 02
Telex: (607) 25556
Fax: +90 (212) 249 05 07
Website in Russian and Turkish:

Working times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:30 - 18:00 but only open for visas from 8:30 to 12 and you can pick up visas from 16:00 to 17:00.

Report from February 2011
The Russian consulate in Istanbul today told me that there was no possibility of getting a business visa in a New Zealand passport which doesn't contain a residents permit anywhere in Turkey. After several hours of waiting and discussion they said that there is a reciprocal agreement/(disagreement?) which means that Russian citizens also can't apply for a New Zealand visa in Turkey if they are in Turkey as visitors.

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This report is from a TT traveler who frequently visits Russia, "There is a racket going with the tourist firms located in the buildings surrounding the consulate, meaning that they won't accept invitations issued for you by firms located in Russia. They claim (illegally of course, but it's impossible to argue) that they can only accept vouchers issued by Turkish firms, even for those of us who are not Turkish. So while I had already paid for an invitation from my favorite firm in Moscow, I had to get a 2nd one from one of the nearby firms. It pays to shop around, as some of the firms are cheaper than others, and also some are willing to let you do the line-standing yourself and save some cash. I don't think it was an issue that I was not officially a Turkish resident, and even if it was, my guess is that the tour firms could use their connections to work this out. The address you give is probably right, or at least the street is correct, but I don't have the phone number handy. I'm not surprised to hear that they don't have a web page, as they are not a very large operation - although they got a prime location for their embassy during the Ataturk years when Turkey wanted to keep on the USSR's good side."

Report from February 2008
"I'm a Canadian passport holder/citizen, in Turkey. . . obtaining a visa is a hassle enough, and I had read that you could only get a visa in your home country (ie. Canada). But I've just managed to get a 15 tourist visa in Istanbul.

First, I had to get a letter from the Canadian Consulate in Istanbul (60 ytl), then passport photos (cheap in Istanbul! 8 for 5 ytl). I knocked on the door of the Russian consulate here in Istanbul, and pleaded my case. A man came forward, who works in the consulate, but also has a Turkish-Russian tourism business in a nearby office. (Ilhan Malikov of "Dilara Turizm", who is/was fairly nice and eager to help. His Turkish office help spoke barely any english though...) Surrendering my passport and the letter, PLUS the money... $70 American for the invitation, and a knee-weakening $300 American for "consular fees"/visa. I'm a just-graduated backpacker, so that's no small chunk of change. I tried to verify this cost online, in guide books and even back at the Canadian consulate, and it seems about right. Ilhan told me an American visa processed a day before was this much, and figured Canadian would be similar. He promised not to charge extra if the exact Canadian cost was more, and that he'd return any difference if it was less. I got a receipt. There were also 25-day visas for about $350. I'm still skeptical about the cost, hoping I wasn't fleeced.

Expensive, but on online invitation broker+FedEx fees for original documents, etc would be equivalent to the invitation. Factoring in travel prices were I to plan all this from home, I think it's OK...

In theory, I think it can all be arranged in a few days. I applied yesterday and am picking it up tomorrow... though I had done some steps a couple weeks earlier in Istanbul, and then was around Turkey for 10 days or so."

Note from REI: Canadian passport holders should NOT pay the same amount as US passport holders. US passport holders are generally charged considerably more than other passport holders for a Russian visa.

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Turkey (Trabzon) 
Address: Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Trabzon, Refik Cesur Caddesi N6 Trabzon, TÜRKİYE
Tel: +90-462-326-26-00
Fax: +90-462-326-2601
Website: www:

Report from December 2009
I was travelling in Turkey and wanted to continue to Russia, I am a Dutch (Netherlands) citizen by the way, so I travelled the following route. I came from Istanbul, hitchhiked all across Turkey, tried to get a russian visa in Istanbul and Ankara and both consulates or embassy's told me I had to wait for 10 days, just because the Dutch or Europeans do the same I was told. I already had all my documents, just an invitation printed in color on good quality paper from and my insurance letter saying im covered worldwide + russia and an applicationform in english downloaded from some russian consulate website. In the end I went to the consulate in Trabzon, which is very small and the smaller the better. I came there at 1000 in the morning finding out they only open at 1100, so came back. They asked me where I got the invitation, just told them I got it mailed from Russia, they checked it out and 10 minutes later they told me it would not be a problem, I could get the visa in 3 days for 50 dollars or the same day, as in 3 hours later for 100 dollars, so I got it the same day.

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You can obtain a Russian visa at any of the consulates in Ukraine.
The embassy and the consulate are not in the same location in Kyiv.

Consulate of the Russian Federation
Location: 8, Kutuzova vulitsya, UKR 252000, Kyiv
Tel: +7 (044) 244 09 61, 244 09 63, 244 09 67
Fax: +7 (044) 292 66 31
Email address: Russian consulate in Kyiv or
Website: none that I could find in English.

Several reports from 2007 indicate that the embassy in Kyiv will only issue Russian tourist visas for 2 weeks.

Report from June 2004
Opening hours: The consulate is officially open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (4 pm on Friday). But the visa application can be made only on Monday AND Friday from 10 am to 1 pm. You will have to come back 10 days later to get your passport and visa from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Price: $100 if you want your visa in 10 days. $325 if you want it in one day. There's no other alternative.

Documents needed (I had a French passport and applied for a one month tourist visa):

  • application form (which is not the same than the one you can download from the internet, but the left side is in English).
  • photocopy of your passport
  • photocopy of your UKRAINIAN visa
  • 1 picture
  • invitation letter from tourist agency + voucher. Fax is ok.
  • $100
  • no cover letter explaining how and where you will enter Russia needed. No photocopy of your tickets needed.
  • VALID medical insurance in Russia. Only 3 insurance companies are allowed to deliver this insurance and they will check if you have one of these three. They will keep a photocopy of your insurance. If you don't have it, they will proceed your application but will tell you to show them a valid medical insurance when you will come back to get your visa.
Over the phone they are really not friendly when you ask them which papers you need. They don't speak English over the phone or at the consulate. I went with a translator and it was very useful when I had to argue about my medical insurance which was valid. But on it I had two names of companies (they are probably partners) and one of them is not recognized by Russia. So I had to explain that the other one is valid. Finally it was OK.

As a whole it took me only 30 minutes to do everything, including the complain about my insurance so it was fast. They are more friendly inside than over the phone. If you have all the papers, there's no reason that something goes wrong. But I think that 10 days is quite long to get a visa.

Russian visa in Kyiv April 2007
I was trying to use for visa support documents. I wanted to get a visa for Russia in Kiev. They informed me that the Kiev embassy was only giving out 2 week visas. They were actually very nice about canceling the order. So, good company for visa support, but Kiev is not the place for Russian tourist visas.

Odessa consulate:
Location: 83 Kanatnaya ul., Odessa
Tel: +(0482) 222 232, 252 915
Fax: +(0482) 220 102, 252 915
Email address: or

Lviv Consulate:
Location: 7A Patona ul., Lvov
Tel: +(0322) 692 039, 692 036, 692 051, 692 055
Fax: +(0322) 692 033

Report from the Lviv consulate in July 2010
later on that same week i went to lviv , ukraine where their staff at that russian consulate were incredibly friendly + informative ( eg as i was only english speaking applicant there they actualy brought me to front of queue + served me straight away after entering consulate )
2 people who spoke good english sat down with me to go thro my application step by step ( i had some slight mistakes )

they had no problem accepting a good color print-out of my invitation ( as opposed to insisting on original ). after less than half an hour they said that i could collect my 1 month single entry visa 10 days later for us$80 on condition i purchase medical insurance through this local agency which they recomended which only cost about 8 euros for 1 month .

they starting processing my application straight away and just said to show my insurance when i came back 10 days later. i could have paid extra for express service but declined. they DIDNT need to keep my passport during this time

when i returned to collect my visa i was waiting barely 5 minutes in total !

Simferopol consulate:
Location, Tel. Number are not located on the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs site on 1 June 2004.
This information was posted on the TT in May 2004:
I can confirm that the Russian Consulate here in Simferopol issues visas. Visa costs as of 1st Jan 2004 are:
1 m/1 entry $75
1 m/2 entry $100
3 m/1 entry $100
3 m/2 entry $125
1 y/multi entry $150

NOTE...the above are the costs of the visa only, and does NOT include the consular fee that most nationalities must pay (UK and US passport holders are not on the list) visit here for more details... Consular fees from the website of the Russian consulate in London.

There are also consulates in Kharkov and as noted above, Simferopol.

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United Arab Emirates 
Report from August 2010
All the directions I found online listed the consulate as being in Diera. This is not true, they have moved, they don't answer their phone, I had to go to the old location with a taxi driver and look at the taped map on the wall, which served as their change of address. They still had empty boxes outside the Villa and it was clear they had just moved in ++ the first time I went they had no glass installed in the counter, by the second time, it was installed, so maybe they will update their information online at some point. Anyway, here is the correct location:

From Al Wasl
Turn to Street 19A
Then Str 6B
Villa No. 21
Community No 367-432
Um Al Sheif

I went a total of five times (six if you count the trip to their former location). The lines were really long, they are open from 10:00 to 13:30, the earlier you get there the better. This was also right before Ramadan, the last two times I went, after Ramadan had started, the line was significantly shorter so I may have been caught in the pre+holiday rush.

The first time I waited in line for about an hour and a half. I had carefully read all the instructions from Pilgrim, couldn't find the application online, but had everything, including the invitation letter EXCEPT the application. The guy gave me the application but told me I needed an original, not a scanned copy.

The second time I went back with the original which Pilgrim had sent via DHL and waited in line for about an hour/hour and a half. They took my documents to check what my fee would be and, he was nice enough to point out that when I brought it back where I needed to make sure it was signed and dated. They gave me a bank deposit slip for the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (the nearest one to the consulate is in the Mall of the Emirates) and told me to go deposit the fee and bring the slip back with my paperwork. They keep the pink one, I keep the blue one as a receipt.

The third time after making the visa deposit put it on the counter on the inside of the glass as no one was there (I waited 20 minutes or so, there was a roomful of people, that could have easily not worked out well, but it did)

The fourth time I went back was about four days later (they had told me it took 3-5 days), it was after Ramadan had started, I got there exactly at 10:00 and there were only five people in line ahead of me. The man told me to come back at 13:00.

I was there at 13:00, again the lobby was the emptiest Id seen it yet, but with only one person working, the wait was still 20-30 minutes. I handed over my blue deposit receipt, and got my passport with my visa back.

It is a little unorganized, the people behind the glass frequently disappear for long periods and with the room at capacity, there was often just one person working. That means the lines are long, and chaotic with people randomly going to the front but overall not too bad, just really time consuming, but in the end, I did get the visa.

What I needed to give them were:

My current passport
My old passport (because it had my UAE residency visa in it)
Health insurance proof (letter from my company was sufficient)
ORIGINAL invitation letter
580 AED
One passport-sized photo

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United Kingdom 
The web address for the London embassy is Russian Embassy in London. The consulate web page, which is where you will find visa information, is here: Russian Consulate in London

The Russian Embassy in London and the consulate in Edinburgh now require that the visa application form be completed online. The website for this two page form is:

The Russian Embassy in London has outsourced the issuing of Russian visas. This also means you cannot drop off the visa application at the consulate or apply by mail. It also means that additional fees are incurred which are paid to the company which does the processing.
NOTE: Holders of foreign diplomatic and service passports intending to visit Russia on official business will continue to apply in person at the Russian Embassy, London.

To quote from the website: To meet the increasing demand, while maintaining high standards of service, the Embassy of the Russian Federation has outsourced its Visa Application Processing to M/S VF Services (UK) Ltd.
This service is available to all nationals residing in the UK who wish to apply for a Russian visa.
All applications may be submitted without a prior appointment.
This new procedure will not only avoid queuing and waiting lists but will also focus on delivering the visas within a very short time.

The London center is located at: 15 - 27 Gee Street, London, EC1V 3RD
The Edinburgh center is located at: 16 Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1 3LH
Opening hours: Monday to Friday except holidays
For submitting applications: 08:30 - 15:00
For collection of passports only: 16:30 - 17:30

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Report from May 2009:
Reponse from regarding non UK passport holder obtaining a Russian tourist visa in London:
Assuming that you are a UK passport holder and your friend is a UK 90-day resident (if he is an Australian passport holder), we will be able to assist you to obtain a Russian and Chinese visas in the UK, and a Mongolian visa - irrespective of your citizenship and residency.


To apply for a Russian, Mongolian and Chinese visas you will need to complete the online application forms for each of them on our website.

A Russian single entry tourist visa is valid for the maximum period of 30 days. A Russian single entry tourist visa allows for a single entry to the country within 30 days, a double entry visa allows for double visit within 30 days.

There are following available services:
Standard service (visa processing time - 8 working days) - 115.30 (for a single entry), 140.30 (for a double entry)
Bronze service (visa processing time - 6 working days) - 125.30 (for a single entry), 150.30 (for a double entry)
Next day service (visa processing time - 2 working days) - 202.20 (for a single entry), 242.20 (for a double entry)

*the prices are the same for UK and Australian passport holders.

A Russian tourist visa can be applied for 90 days in advance of the entry date requested on the visa.

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Website of the Russian consulate in London now shows that they are NOT open to receive applications for visas on Wednesdays. (June 2004)

In previous years, it made sense for some Brits, not residing in Scotland, to send their paperwork to the consulate in Edinburgh for processing. A May 2004 TT user report indicates that in response to a telephone inquiry this information was received from the Edinburgh consulate: "This summer we will not be processing visas from England as there is only two of us and we have enough Scottish applications to process."
Contact details for Edinburgh Consulate:
58 Melville Street, Edinburgh EH3 7HL
Phone: +44 (0) 131 225 7098
Fax: +44 (0) 131 225 9587
Hours: weekdays only from 09:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 18:00

Also requirements do vary for different nationalities because of different reciprocal arrangements. Recent reports suggest that Brits are often asked for proof of travel insurance (even though there is a reciprocity agreement so that they don't need it) and available funds (bank/credit card statements).

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United States 
The web address for the consulate in Washington, DC is Russian consulate in Washington, DC.

As of summer 2011, Russian consulates in the US now require that US citizens use a new two page online application form when applying for a visa. This new application form includes many of the questions on the old supplemental form. The website is the same as Americans, Canadians, Brits, and Georgians:

There are actually four Russian consulates in the US: New York, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Seattle. Theoretically, where you live in the US determines to which consulate you should apply. The procedures are slightly different for the different consulates, but all are anal about what you attach where.

Russian Consulate in NY
Russian Consulate in San Francisco
Russian Consulate in Seattle

New visa prices for US citizens are in affect in all consulates. This increase is in response to an increase in the cost of US visas for Russians. Prices for other passport holders may be different. It is important to note that the day the application is submitted does not count as a processing day.
Tourist visa, single entry or double entry visa cost and processing time: $140 four to twenty business days, $250 three business days
Business visa, single or double entry visa processing time: $140 four to twenty business days, $250 three business days
Multiple-entry visa processing time: $150 four to twenty business days, $450 three business days.

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Russian consulate in Washington, DC no longer accepts mailed visa applications, so applicants who are unable to be present the application in person, or to have a friend or family member do so, are referred to the following visa agencies:

CIBT, Inc.
Tel:(800) 929-2428

Travisa Visa Service, Inc.
Tel:(800) 222-2589

and PVS International
Tel. (800) 556-9990
Fax: (703) 908-0332

NOTE: I have two reports from 2009 of people being very happy with Travisa though both acknowledged that it was expensive.

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Uzbekistan (Tashkent)
Reports from September 2009:
Report 1:
I got a Russian visa at the embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on the same day for USD 102 four days ago. I have a Norwegian passport. Bring a copy of your passport, a copy of your insurance card, and your invitation and hotel bookings. (I did not have the original invitation, just a copy that was emailed to me.)

However, two US travelers I met the same day had been told that a visa would take them at least ten days. Guess it all depends on your passport.

Report 2:
Just a few weeks ago I applied for a Russian one month single entry visa in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and got it in four days for US$50. I had a LOI through Stantours (US$30, three days). The LP Guide says you need originals of all documents at this embassy, but I was never asked for them - copies of the LOI and confirmations by my university and insurance co. were enough.

If you decide to go there, don't despair when you see the enormous crowd waiting outside. Just shout 'VISA' to some guard and you will be allowed in after a few minutes. Inside you'll probably have to wait long to get an application form, and again to hand it back in, but in all it is quite straightforward. The embassy has it's own checkout, so no need to rush to a bank somewhere across town. They will hold on to your passport, so no travelling around the country those few days.

My nationality is Dutch though, so it might be harder for a UK citizen.

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Report from October 2010:
You can get your visa for Russia in a country where you have a 90 day or more visa (this counts as temporary residence or something). For me, this worked in Vietnam, in Hanoi. I applied for my Vietnam visa before I left home, I had 3 months to get to Vietnam before it started, and this worked really well. Before I left NZ I had the real copies of my invitation to Russia and photocopies of all my papers for the visa application.
To get the visa in Vietnam you need to pay in US dollars - in Cambodia you can withdraw US dollars from ATMs, and it's easier than in Vietnam.
The Russian embassy building is a way out of town, and be careful because there are 2 buldings with the same number on the same street - the correct one is the one at right at the end near the bus stop. You go down a little lane and there's a place you can get a drink if you want.
You can get express or slow, it's easy if your papers are in order, you have your invitation (so you need to know your dates and you have a 90 day visa for Vietnam.

Report from May 2007 indicated that the Russian consulate in Hanoi still required original documents.

Report from December 2004 by a German passport holder.
Opening hours on wednesdays are 09 am-12 pm and 4 pm-5 pm.
The staff is not really very helpful but the girl I met there was (not only very pretty) but also nice and she spoke a clear, fluent English - much better than me!
The description of how to reach the embassy sounds a little bit difficult but is 100% correct.
Only thing to add: If you want to do it the easy way walk to Lenin Park (that's where most of the embassies in Hanoi are located at) and ask one of the drivers there (they know about the Russian embassy because they're earing a living from all these embassy clients (if you pay about 10.000, vnd you're still overcharged but I think it's a okay price...)

I've got my visa for Russia!
The courier service from Moscow to Hanoi took exactly 78 hours and cost me 70 USD (with UPS). I had to pay 68 USD at the embassy for a 30 day tourist visa, which was ready the very next day. The "Visa-Department-Girl" was only interested in the invitation to be original. She didn't want to take my application form that I downloaded from one of the Russia sites, so I had to fill out a new one (same questions, different lay-out).
Application-form, 1 photo and original LOI is all you need at the Consulate in Hanoi to get a visa. No cover letter, no passport copy, no health insurance proof, no additional photos...

Report from May 2004.
The Russian Embassy's address is 191 La Thanh, but it is NOT on that road. It's on the corner of Kimma and some other road, right next to number 1133. To get there, get a motorbike to take you along P Nguyen Thai Hoc (on the LP map) then down Kimma St past the Daewoo Hotel (most motorbike guys know where this is) and get out at the next corner at a major intersection (still Kimma st). The Embassy is a very large and hideously ugly grey concrete building on the left. The entry for visas is around the side. No where anywhere on the building does it say it's the Russian Embassy, but it is. Inside the typically unhelpful Russians can't speak a word of English (or Vietnamese for that matter) but with a little effort you can still get a visa. Make sure you have a fax of your invitation (fax is ok at this Embassy). The opening hours differ everyday, Monday 9-12, 16-17, Tuesday 9-12, Wednesday ??, Thursday 16-17, Friday 9-12. Current prices for 30 day Tourist Visas (for Australians at least) are for various lengths of processing time:
10 days, $18
7 days, $38
4 days, $48
2 days, $58
1 day, $68
same day $78

Other countries 
For the locations of consulates in other countries check OR visatorussia.

Or if you read Russian, you can check the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs site for their list of Russian consulates, including the address, telephone and fax numbers and email address.

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